Developing with Fyne

Start developing your own apps with the Fyne toolkit


If you are using Windows, macOS or Linux and already have Go installed then the following command will do everything to get Fyne installed:

$ go get

Once that command completes you will have the full Fyne development package installed in your GOPATH. If you want to see the Fyne toolkit in action before you start to code then you can see our demo app running on your computer by executing:

$ go get
$ fyne_demo

And that’s all there is to it. Let’s look more at how to use the Fyne APIs to create your own cross-platform graphical application.

Create your first Fyne app

A simple app starts by creating an app instance with app.New() and then opening a window with app.NewWindow(). Then a widget tree is defined that is set as the main content with SetContent() on a window. The app UI is then shown by calling ShowAndRun() on the window.

  • Using Functions
  • Using Structs

Executing the code above (a simple go run hello.go should do it) will create a window that looks just like this:

If you prefer a light theme then just set the environment variable FYNE_THEME=light and you’ll get:

That’s all there is to getting started. You can find the full API documentation on


In this welcome document we showed how to get up and running with the Fyne toolkit. We saw that with just a few lines of code we can create a graphical application that will run across mac OS, Windows and Linux.

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