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Testing Graphical Apps

Part of a good test suite is being able to quickly right tests and run them on a regular basis. Fyne’s API is designed to make testing applications easy. By separating component logic from it’s rendering definition we can load applications without actually displaying them and test the functionality completely.


The fyne repository and it’s examples all have test code at various levels. To show how to test a complete application look at the following code from the calculator example.

package calculator

import (



func TestAdd(t *testing.T) {
	calc := newCalculator()


	assert.Equal(t, "2", calc.output.Text)

Using the “test” package we load a test application, rather than a regular desktop app (test.NewApp() instead of app.New()). Then the test.Click() function simulates user action and finally we check the text of the output for the correct answer.

A simple go test . will run this as a unit test, loading and testing the application, without ever having to load a window on the screen.


In this document we looked at how the Fyne toolkit can help with testing. As well as making GUI development easy it is important that these apps can be tested quickly and without extra code. The provided tools support easy testing of user interfaces in memory.

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