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Standard Widgets


Box widget is a simple list where the child elements are arranged in a single column for vertical or a single row for horizontal arrangement.


Button widget has a text label and icon, both are optional.

Button Button with Icon


Check widget has a text label and a checked (or unchecked) icon.

Check Check On


Entry widget allows simple text to be input when focused.



Form widget is two column grid where each row has a label and a widget (usually an input). The last row of the grid will contain the appropriate form control buttons if any should be shown.


Group widget is list of widgets that contains a visual divider to indicate the group with a title at the top.


Hyperlink widget is a text component with appropriate padding and layout. When clicked, the URL opens in your default web browser.



Icon widget is a basic image component that load’s its resource to match the theme.



Label widget is a label component with appropriate padding and layout.


Progress bar

ProgressBar widget creates a horizontal panel that indicates progress.


ProgressBarInfinite widget creates a horizontal panel that indicates waiting indefinitely An infinite progress bar loops 0% -> 100% repeatedly until Stop() is called.

Progress Infinite


Radio widget has a list of text labels and radio check icons next to each.

Radio Radio On


ScrollContainer defines a container that is smaller than the Content.


TabContainer widget allows switching visible content from a list of TabItems. Each item is represented by a button at the top of the widget.

Tab Container


Toolbar widget creates a horizontal list of tool buttons.



In this page we learned about the widgets currently provided by the Fyne toolkit. As these are all built on the same canvas objects they will work identically on all the supported platforms. If you don't find the widget you are looking for it would be possible to create a custom widget

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