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Looking for Contributors

Six weeks into the Fyne project and the basics are all in place! We were tracking the initial phases through the GitHub project Walking Skeleton and the tasks completed a short while ago. Since then the work has been focussed on documentation, the project roadmap and API documentation.

Now things are up and running there’s so much to do. Design, widgets, layout and a richer canvas are all needed to get to the first milestone “UI Toolkit”. With our outlined vision and the documentation in place it should be easy for new developers, designers and testers to get involved.

So we’re putting a shout out to Go developers, UI designers and anyone else interested in building a great new desktop environment to get in touch. For more details check out the contribute page on our website.

Platform Trifecta

You heard right - 3 platforms in only 3 weeks. Fyne now supports Linux, Mac OS X and Windows! Using the EFL for rendering has meant that getting up and running across multiple platforms has been possible even before our first milestone. Having all of them under our belt already means that we’re already in a good position to welcome developers from many backgrounds.

To show off the progress so far the examples repository has now got a calculator app. This works exactly as expected across all supported platfors (well it would - the code is identical!) and looks pretty decent as well. A basic colour scheme was loaded from the material design guidelines in 2 variants - light and dark. So any Fyne app can look great on a light or a dark themed desktop.

That’s everything for now, we leave you with these great screen grabs.

Calculator on Linux Calculator (light) on OS X Calculator (light) on Windows

The First 10 Days of Fyne

It’s been just 10 days since the Fyne project was announced and in that time we’ve had a lot of support! The IRC channel, which we added only a week ago, now has a core group of developers helping to discuss and guide the design of the toolkit. The website is up and running to help visitors understand what the project is about and see our progress. For the more developer oriented there is now a walking skeleton project which is tracking progress towards our first milestone.

In terms of a quick summary we have picked Go as the main language for development and API. The rendering pipeline we are using is EFL, though the details will be hidden completely from the Fyne APIs. Lastly we decided on the use of the Cassowary algorithm for layout - giving an experience similar to the iOS AutoLayout.

The Enlightenment IDE (Edi) has been updated for Go syntax and build lifecycle so anyone already working on EFL apps can continue using the same tooling for now :).

Happy coding and come back soon!

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