Thank you so much for considering being a sponsor of the Fyne project. Your confidence in our work is much appreciated and any donations or subscriptions help the project continue to improve and help other developers and teams to build better cross platform applications.

If you have a GitHub account you can sign up to sponsor the project, or one of our developers using the GitHub sponsors page.

For individuals or businesses that wish to sponsor us directly we have configured a Stripe checkout using the form below. If you are interested in a more partnership based sponsorship please get in touch. Thank you very much indeed for considering being a sponsor of our work.


This project would not be possible without the ongoing support of our fantastic community. We say a huge “Thank You!” to those who are generous enough to contribute financially to the future of our work. The list below shows those who have contributed at the “High Five” level or above on our GitHub sponsors page - please do consider joining them!

Brian OHara

Gianluca D’Incà

Iain Mackay

Rob Solomon

Gautam Dey

Bruce Marriner

Caleb Dumitry

Henrik Bergman


Ashwin Rao

Adam Shannon

Gary Chike

Other Support

We are incredibly grateful to the generous open source support packages that the following companies have made available. Their dedication to projects like this make it possible to bring you the Fyne toolkit for free.

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Give the Fyne team a high five $5
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💻 Thank the team for their help $100 (Get an hour of chat to work on your project)
🐛 Prioritise your top bugs $500 (You can mark 2 issues for speedy fixing)
🔭 Request a feature in Fyne $2500 (Get a feature added to the next major release)

📬 To arrange the perks listed above please get in touch once you have made your donation.
💵 If you would like to offer a custom amount or talk about support we would love to hear from you.