Types of support available

Getting Started

We know that exploring a new technology can be confusing, even if you have explored the tour and read the documentation . We are happy to help with any questions you have about getting set up, building your first app or how the APIs work.

The best place to ask is in the #fyne channel on the “gophers” slack server (you can sign up if you need). This is where we gather to discuss the project, examples and help anyone with questions they might have.

Ask a Question

For those who are up and running with their Fyne based application you may be wondering how to improve your code. Whether you’d like to increase your test coverage, bundle application resources or start working on custom widgets then the community can offer some help.

Simply join us on the #fyne gophers Slack channel or Fyne Discord and let us know your question. Be prepared to share your source code (easy for open source projects) for the best answers. When that is not possible then pasting a snippet or example to the Go playground can be very helpful.

Commercial support

If your business would like some dedicated support time or would like to out-source the development of your application then we recommend speaking to Fyne Labs.

Fyne Labs is the business that manages support and funding for the Fyne project - and as experts in this technology they are able to offer development support and bespoke app creation. The team can be contacted through their website.


Building Cross-Platform GUI Applications with Fyne

The most complete guide for the Fyne toolkit, comprising architectural discussion, best practices and a detailed look at many of the core APIs. Released to coincide with the v2.0.0 Fyne release it covers core functionality for the toolkit as well as new features including data binding, animation and custom themes.

The book starts with an introduction to GUI development and the Fyne vision, progresses through a walkthrough of how to creeate various applications and concludes with a section on best practices and how to upload your app to various market places and app stores. Each chapter in the main body of the book is illustrated by a full worked example, resulting in 5 complete applications to demonstrate the concepts explored.

GUI Application Development in Go

This book explores various options for building graphical applications with Go. The Fyne toolkit is covered in detail in Chapter 10 and is also used to illustrate various concepts such as background processing and connecting to web services.

Each chapter has full code provided and the Fyne examples include a functional email client as well as an image browse application.