Talks and Workshops about the Fyne ecosystem

If you prefer presentations to documentation or you want time stepping through Fyne's capabilities then one of these events my be for you.

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A Fyne User Interface

16 September 2019 - GolangVan (Vancouver)

Introduction to the Fyne toolkit fo building cross platform GUIs.

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Easily build cross platform graphical applictions with Fyne

21 October 2019 - GoLab (Florence)

With the growing popularity of Go many people are asking how to build a solid GUI. It’s design for concurrency and portability makes it a great match for cross-platform development. This talk shows how the Fyne toolkit is designed to help make beautiful and idiomatic native apps simply, using pure Go.

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Fyne Conf 2019

22 November 2019 - Online

Fyne Conf is the world’s first conference focused on the Fyne toolkit, it’s community and the applications built around it.

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A Fyne Update

31 July 2019 - Go Meetup Edinburgh

An update on the Fyne GUI framework.

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Introducing Fyne

18 July 2018 - Go Meetup Edinburgh

An introduction to, the UI toolkit and app API written in Go.

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