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Fyne Conf 2020

18 June 2020 - Online

Fyne Conf is the world’s main conference focused on the Fyne toolkit, it’s community and the applications built around it.

Join us for a look at what’s new, how to build excellent platform-agnostic applications and a view of some cool projects that people around the world are creating.

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Fun + No Constraints + High Performance = Creativity

31 October 2019 - GopherCon AU (Sydney)

In this talk, Steve introduces the Fyne GUI toolkit and it’s targeting of cross platform desktop applications, as well as Mobile (Android / iOS) and more. TDD support is built in, and its written 100% in Go, so you know its good.

This will be a fast paced, highly visual dive through the possibilities for application development, if you dare to throw out the rulebook and look at a fresh new approach that the Go tooling makes possible. Attendees will be challenged to let their imaginations loose, and get excited about writing “that app” that they have always wanted to finish off one day. Now is your time !

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Fyne Conf 2019

22 November 2019 - Online

Fyne Conf is the world’s first conference focused on the Fyne toolkit, it’s community and the applications built around it.

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A Fyne User Interface

16 September 2019 - GolangVan (Vancouver)

Introduction to the Fyne toolkit fo building cross platform GUIs.

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Easily build cross platform graphical applictions with Fyne

21 October 2019 - GoLab (Florence)

With the growing popularity of Go many people are asking how to build a solid GUI. It’s design for concurrency and portability makes it a great match for cross-platform development. This talk shows how the Fyne toolkit is designed to help make beautiful and idiomatic native apps simply, using pure Go.

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A Fyne Update

31 July 2019 - Go Meetup Edinburgh

An update on the Fyne GUI framework.

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Introducing Fyne

18 July 2018 - Go Meetup Edinburgh

An introduction to, the UI toolkit and app API written in Go.

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