Your Beautiful new Open Source Desktop

Reimagining the Desktop!

The FyneDesk project is taking a fresh look at what it means to be a desktop environment. Using the same beautiful and user friendly graphics of the Fyne toolkit you will find it a great place to call home on your computer.

We also want to make it easy to update, add to or change your desktop just like you can with any other Open Source software. And so the design of our desktop project has put ease of learning and development in the centre of how we work. Now you can have the desktop of your dreams - and share the result for others as well.

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Features of FyneDesk

Quality and Design

We want to ensure that quality is clear at every level. All elements of the API and user interface should be clear and simple to use and never fail to meet user expectations.

Simple Development

For developers with any experience level - this desktop is designed with ease of development in mind. Building modules or adding functionality should be simple and fun!

We Love Usability

Our desktop is designed for usability at the core. We believe that all features should be clear to find and easy to use. With lots of power under the hood.

Easy to install

FyneDesk works as a single binary - no worries about packages or dependencies. Our app explorer will help you find the latest apps, extending your desktop without complex commands or scripts.


The standard theme in its dark look.


The standard theme in light variant.

Get In Touch!

We're excited to hear from anyone interested in the project. Whether it's to find out more, provide suggestions or to get involved - drop us a line!

If you would like to join the community for a chat you'll find us in the #fyne channel on gophers Slack or on our Discord server. If you are not already a member of the communities you can use a Slack invite or Discord invite.


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