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2 Drivers and other Statistics

Nov 29, 2018

As GitHub recently emailed me with congratulations on 500 commits in Fyne I thought it was time for a quick review of statistics… The project has been under way now for 9 months and we have come a long way from the initial idea. In fact we have:

  • 500 Commits
  • 215 Star gazers
  • 13 Forks
  • 4 Contributors
  • 2 Drivers

What a few months it’s been! Yes the project is gaining momentum and we’re seeing cool new example apps - but the biggest news is the additional driver. We now have a fully functioning OpenGL based driver that can replace the EFL dependency.

If you don’t have EFL installed and/or can’t get it set up then we finally have an alternative. The new driver can be activated using the “gl” tag on any go run or build command for any Fyne based application

go run -tags gl .

This new driver has no external library dependencies which makes it far more portable. Applications built with this new driver will run happily on a different computer to the one it was built on.

Please give it a shot and raise any issues you find - this is going to be a fun new chapter in the Fyne story!

500 Commits

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