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A fresh new look, richer text and cloud integration delivers Christmas cheer!

Dec 24, 2022

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year we hope you will enjoy this exciting, shiny new look release of the Fyne toolkit. With a refined design, cloud integration, images in rich text and a new text handling engine there is a lot to love in Fyne v2.3.0.

New Look

We have refined the visual design of Fyne in this release to give a better initial experience for app users. You can see the new design shown below in the fyne_demo app.

Fyne Theme in 2.3

Cloud integration

You can now easily add cloud storage to any Fyne app through the App.Preferences() and App.Storage() abstractions. This change will be completely transparent to the rest of your app, and is as simple as calling App.SetCloudProvider().

There is a lot more information from the cloud sync presentation at Fyne Conf 2022.

The main list of additions and changes is shown below. To see the complete list including bug fixes see the GitHub release page.


  • Shiny new theme that was designed for us
  • Improved text handling to support non-latin alphabets
  • Add cloud storage and preference support
  • Add menu icon and submenu support to system tray menus
  • More button importance levels ErrorImportance, WarningImportance
  • Support disabling of AppTabs and DocTabs items
  • Add image support to rich text (#2366)
  • Add CheckGroup.Remove (#3124)


  • The buttons on the default theme are no longer transparent, but we added more button importance types
  • Expose a storage.ErrNotExists for non existing documents (#3083)
  • Update go-gl/glfw to build against latest Glfw 3.3.8
  • List items in widget.List now implement the Focusable interface

Have a very happy holiday and do let us know what you build with this new release. Head to GitHub to report issues or request new features, we will be hard at work after a few more mince pies!

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