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v1.3 Released

Jun 5, 2020

It is finally here, the 1.3 release is out and ready for you to start building against! If you were waiting for file dialogs, notifications, accordian, splitter or textgrid widgets this is your lucky day. You can also find new APIs for showing splash windows, image scaling and the ability to set cursor and keyboard hints in custom widgets.

This release includes over 1000 commits and represents months of very hard work. Our dedicated contributors have balanced coding, testing and all the challenges that life in lockdown threw at them as well.

Hopefully there is something for everyone in this big update to the Fyne toolkit. We will be working over the coming weeks to create new tutorials and examples of how these new features can support building more complete applications without having to worry about platform specific code.


  • File open and save dialogs
  • Add notifications support
  • Add text wrap support
  • Add Accordion widget
  • Add TextGrid widget
  • Add SplitContainer widget
  • Add new URI type and handlers for cross-platform data access
  • Desktop apps can now create splash windows
  • Add ScaleMode to images, new ImageScalePixels feature for retro graphics
  • Allow widgets to influence mouse cursor style
  • Support changing the text on form submit/cancel buttons
  • Support reporting CapsLock key events
  • Add OnClosed callback for Dialog
  • Add new image test helpers for validating render output
  • Support showing different types of soft keyboard on mobile devices


  • Upgraded underlying GLFW library to fix various issues
  • Add submenu support and hover effects
  • Default to non-premultiplied alpha (NRGBA) across toolkit
  • Rename FixedGridLayout to GridWrapLayout (deprecate old API)
  • Windows redraw and animations continue on window resize and move
  • New…PopUp() methods are being replaced by Show…Popup() or New…Popup().Show()
  • Apps started on a goroutine will now panic as this is not supported
  • On Linux apps now simulate 120DPI instead of 96DPI
  • Improved fyne_settings scale picking user interface
  • Reorganised fyne_demo to accomodate growing collection of widgets and containers
  • Rendering now happens on a different thread to events for more consistent drawing
  • Improved text selection on mobile devices

Fixed (highlights)

  • Panic when trying to paste empty clipboard into entry
  • Scale does not match user configuration in Windows 10
  • Copy/Paste not working on Entry Field in Windows OS
  • Select widgets with many options overflow UI without scrolling
  • android: typing in entry expands only after full refresh
  • iOS app stops re-drawing mid frame after a while
  • Too many successive GUI updates do not properly update the view
  • iOS apps would not build using Apple’s new certificates
  • Preserve aspect ratio in SVG stroke drawing
  • Fixed many race conditions in widget data handling
  • Various crashes and render glitches in extended widgets
  • Fix security issues reported by gosec

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