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v1.0.1 Released

The v1.0.1 release available today is primarily a bugfix release from feedback and patches received after initial announcement. The following functionality was also added:

  • Add support for go modules
  • Allow transparent backgrounds for widgets
  • Add Entry.OnCursorChanged()
  • Add Radio.Append() and Radio.SetSelected() (#229)
  • Remove duplicate options from a Radio widget (#230)

The bug fixes are primarily relating to clearing caches and avoiding race conditions (#194, #217, #209). The list of fixes includes the following:

  • Clicking outside a focused element will unfocus it
  • Fix issue where paste shortcut is not called for Ctrl-V keyboard combination
  • Fix cursor position when clearing text in Entry (#214)
  • Fix antialias of lines and circles (fyne-io/examples#14)
  • Fix crash on centering of windows (#220)
  • Fix possible crash when closing secondary windows
  • Fix possible crash when showing dialog
  • Fix initial visibility of scroll bar in ScrollContainer
  • Fix setting window icon when different from app icon.
  • Handle key repeat for non-runes (#165)
  • Fix possible panic on app.Quit() (#175)

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