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Announcing FyneDesk v0.2

Mar 23, 2021

The FyneDesk team are excited to announce the second major release of their desktop environment for Linux and BSD. This version comes packed with new features like notifications, print screen and a new module API and is also updated to the new look of version 2.0.0 of the Fyne toolkit. Read on for more details and screenshots!

Added features

We have been working hard over many months to re-work the desktop handling for better performance and higher reliability. But the main reason for a release is to get the latest cool features to our community - here are the highlights:

  • Support for desktop notifications
  • Created API for writing modules that plug in to FyneDesk
  • Add volume control using pulseaudio
  • Print screen support for desktop and window capture
  • Add urls, calculations and sound/brightness to launcher
  • Add support for XPM icon format
  • Double tap title bar to maximise
  • Hover effects for window borders
  • Add option to use 24h time
  • Drag border to exit un-maximize
  • Support choosing between Alt and Win key for shortcuts
  • Add AC power indicator to battery status
  • Add option to change border button position
  • Support pseudo transparency for apps like X terminals

There are many more hidden gems, try it out and see what you can find :)

New look

With the latest Fyne theme and improvements to our status widgets design (which are all modules now) we have a fresh new look to the desktop, as shown below.

Road ahead

There are huge plans for what we want to add to this project, you can see the full Roadmap at the project Wiki on GitHub.

Now that this release is out we will be working on a more complete multi-monitor configuration experience as well as virtual desktops and other improvements like lock screens and a network manager.

Stay tuned for future announcements!

Get In Touch!

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If you would like to join the community for a chat you'll find us in the #fyne channel on gophers Slack or on our Discord server. If you are not already a member of the communities you can use a Slack invite or Discord invite.


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