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Thank You Sponsors!

May 20, 2020

At this difficult time we wanted to take a moment to thank whole heartedly all the generous sponsors of our Fyne project.


Since the 1.2.4 release back in April the team have been focusing on shaping up version 1.3. We are very excited with how this is progressing and look forward to publishing it early in June. The new features will include

  • File Dialogs
  • Notifications
  • Accordion, Splitter and TextGrid widgets
  • Submenu support
  • Text truncation and wrapping
  • Borderless splash window
  • New scaling mode for images
  • Smoother rendering on window move/resize

This has been a lot of work to polish and pull together, especially as everyone has additional worries and stresses to work through. Our community of developers, testers and contributors have worked tirelessly and for that we are very grateful. Your support encourages us all to keep working towards the next milestone!

Next Big Thing

The upcoming release marks the last of our 1.x releases and we start looking to the future and what big ideas we can work on next. So far there are working prototypes or proposed additions for:

  • Data Binding
  • Support for running in a web browser
  • Animations
  • List, Table and Tree widgets
  • Drag and Drop

If there is anything that you feel is missing from the list this is a good time to say. Feel free to add a feature request or join us in the #fyne channel on gophers Slack server invite link.

This release is also the first opportunity we have had since the 1.0 release (over a year ago) to make any breaking changes to the API. Whilst we aim to keep this minimal it does allow some changes that we have been holding off on. Some deprecated methods may be removed and it is possible we will move from an int to a floating point coordinate system (allowing more precision on high resolution devices).

Share The Love

We want to thank all of our sponsors, supporters and contributors who have helped get the Fyne project to where it is today. We have recently taken delivery of our first sticker prints and will get them in the post shortly. If you would like to be one of the first with a sticker for your laptop (like the picture below) there is still time to sign up as a sponsor - Kudos level and above get’s swag!

We really could not do this without your support, thank you for backing us

Get In Touch!

We're excited to hear from anyone interested in the project. Whether it's to find out more, provide suggestions or to get involved - drop us a line!

If you would like to join the community for a chat you'll find us in the #fyne channel on gophers Slack or on our Discord server. If you are not already a member of the communities you can use a Slack invite or Discord invite.


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