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fyne-cross v1 Released

Dec 14, 2020

An early holiday present from the Fyne team - the v1 release of fyne-cross. This excellent app has had a long history of development, but today marks the official 1.0.0 release following it’s recent promotion to an official Fyne project.

Packaging for all platforms

The fyne-cross tool provides an easier way to compile your Fyne app for all possible target operating systems. Instead of manaing the toolchains manually on your development computer it uses the Docker environment to load the required development tools automatically.

Once you are happy with your app (or you can use our hello world code), you can now prepare the packages for release using the following simple commands. Firstly we install the tool using go get and then execute the fyne-cross command, this time building a windows executable.

$ go get
$ fyne-cross windows

After this completes you will see a dist folder inside fyne-cross that contains a windows folder and in this will be myapp.exe which can be installed on windows computers.

Similarly the tool can be used to specify a different architecture. To package a Linux release for arm64 devices you can just execute:

$ fyne-cross linux -arch arm64

And you will then find myapp.tar.gz inside the fyne-cross/dist/linux-arm64 folder.

Releasing to app stores

After your app has been tested it’s time to release. The fantastic news is that fyne-cross can prepare your release packages too - including the store package formats and code signing. For example, once you have downloaded a provisioning profile from Apple you can execute fyne-cross with the -release parameter to prepare your app for upload.

$ fyne-cross ios -release -profile "Provisioning Name"

Will create a myapp.pkg file that can be uploaded to the iOS App Store using Apple’s new Transporter app.

Never has it been easier to deploy an app to all platforms, the above command will work for Apple Mac App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store as well. Congratulations to lucor and the team behind fyne-cross for such a great addition to the Fyne project.

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