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v1.1 Released

Jun 21, 2019

The 1.1 release of Fyne brings us a step closer to a complete cross-platform UI toolkit. We have new widgets and great enhancements to the look and feel of the overall platform that will make all apps built with Fyne look that much more attractive. We have also fixed over 50 bugs that help make these apps even more reliable than before.

The highlights of this release include new widgets:

  • MenuBar and PopUpMenu
  • Select (options) widget
  • PopUp widget for custom overlays

We have added these user facing enhancements:

  • Gradient canvas primitive
  • Shadows and hover effects added to buttons and other widgets
  • Text can now be selected
  • Support moving through inputs with Tab / Shift-Tab
  • Horizontal layout for Radio widget
  • Added support for disabling widgets
  • Allow scrollbars to be dragged
  • Shrink scrollbars when not moving
  • TabContainer tab location can now be changed to any edge
  • Dialog windows now appear as modal popups within a window

And we have added cool things for developers:

  • Add new “hints” build tag that can suggest ways to improve a GUI
  • canvas.Capture() to save the content of a canvas
  • Pointer drag event and desktop mouse move events
  • A container with no layout will no longer influence the positions of it’s children
  • Various fixes to window handling, sizing and widget layouts
  • We updated the fyne_demo app to better show off the toolkit capabilities (pictured below)

The list of bug fixes is too long to include in these notes but you can find the details in our ChangeLog.

We are excited to see the cool new apps that people are building, please send us info if you would like to advertise your projects on the website. As always you can let us know if any issues you find by filing an issue on GitHub.

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