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2.4 release teasers

May 19, 2023

The team are hard at work pulling in exciting new features for v2.4.0, and it is coming along well. However it will be a few more weeks before we have something ready to announce or to start public testing, so it seemed like a good opportunity to share some teasers of what will be coming in the next big release!

Rounded Rectangles

Thanks to the hard work of Renlite we have finally been able to add rounded radius to the rectangle primitive in our canvas pacakge. In addition this means that rectangles are drawn faster than ever, speeding up all Fyne applications as a bonus!

Apps using Fyne v2.4.0 and above will have a new theme that makes use of this to round the corners of buttons. And of course this is part of the theme API as well so your app, or custom theme, can control this like all other sizes in your visual style.

In the mean time - check out this preview of some rounded rectangle shapes looking all cool!

Rounded rectangles

Table headers

Another often requested feature is to have row and column headers on the table widget. Well we listened, and also we got the tremendous support of MindPoint Group to make it happen.

All tables can now get these splendid headers, which will have the “bold with background” look shown below when you use NewTableWithHeaders.

Table headers

Of course you can control these completely, turning row and column headings on and off independently. More excitingly you can put custom content into these headers, adding the possibility to include buttons for sorting or column selection and similar use-cases.

Layout debugging

One of the feature that early Fyne developers struggle with is just how the layout system works - which container to use and how to put widgets in the right place to fill the area that you want.

With the upcoming release that gets a whole lot easier! By launching your app with debug enabled you will get a new overlay that shows exactly where your containers are and how each widget is positioned and sized within them.

Layout debugging visual

We hope this will make a big difference in speeding up layout bugs and the learning process around Fyne’s simple but powerful layout system!

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