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v2.4 bumper release

Sep 18, 2023

We are excited to announce the bumper v2.4.0 release - later than we hoped, but well worth the delay. With the introduction of rounded rectangles we have updated the look and feel to remove a lot of the sharp corners, Smoother edges to input and buttons primarily make the UI feel a lot more friendly. Check out the full release below and let us know what you think :)

Added features

We have some great new features for your app like rounded rectangles, emoji support in text, a new GridWrap collection widget, truncation with ellipses and support for layout debugging as well (use -tags debug).

Enjoj this great new release !.

The complete list of new additions is as follows:

  • Rounded corners in rectangle (#1090)
  • Support for emoji in text
  • Layout debugging (with -tags debug build flag) (#3314)
  • GridWrap collection widget
  • Add table headers (#1658, #3594)
  • Add mobile back button handling (#2910)
  • Add option to disable UI animations (#1813)
  • Text truncation ellipsis (#1659)
  • Add support for binding tree data, include new NewTreeWithData
  • Add support for OpenType fonts (#3245)
  • Add Window.SetOnDropped to handle window-wide item drop on desktop
  • Add lists to the types supported by preferences API
  • Keyboard focus handling for all collection widgets
  • Add APIs for refreshing individual items in collections (#3826)
  • Tapping slider moves it to that position (#3650)
  • Add OnChangeEnded callback to Slider (#3652)
  • Added keyboard controls to Slider
  • Add NewWarningThemedResource and NewSuccessThemedResource along with NewColoredResource (#4040)
  • Custom hyperlink callback for rich text hyperlinks (#3335)
  • Added dialog.NewCustomWithoutButtons, with a SetButtons method (#2127, #2782)
  • Added SetConfirmImportance to dialog.ConfirmDialog.
  • Added FormDialog.Submit() to close and submit the dialog if validation passes
  • Rich Text image alignment (#3810)
  • Bring back theme.HyperlinkColor (#3867)
  • Added Importance field on Label to color the text
  • Navigating in entry quickly with ctrl key (#2462)
  • Support .desktop file metadata in FyneApp.toml for Linux and BSD
  • Support mobile simulator on FreeBSD
  • Add data binding boolean operators Not, And and Or
  • Added Entry.Append, Select.SetOptions, Check.SetText, FormDialog.Submit
  • Add ShowPopUpAtRelativePosition and PopUp.ShowAtRelativePosition
  • Add desktop support to get key modifiers with CurrentKeyModifiers
  • Add geometry helpers NewSquareSize and NewSquareOffsetPos
  • Add --pprof option to fyne build commands to enable profiling
  • Support compiling from Android (termux)


The following items have changed as well, most notably you’ll need to be using Go 1.17 at least going forward.

  • Go 1.17 or later is now required.
  • Theme updated for rounded corners on buttons and input widgets
  • widget.ButtonImportance is now widget.Importance
  • The Max container and layout have been renamed Stack for clarity
  • Refreshing an image will now happen in app-thread not render process, apps may wish to add async image load
  • Icons for macOS bundles are now padded and rounded, disable with “-use-raw-icon” (#3752)
  • Update Android target SDK to 33 for Play Store releases
  • Focus handling for List/Tree/Table are now at the parent widget not child elements
  • Accordion widget now fills available space - put it inside a VBox container for old behavior (#4126)
  • Deprecated theme.FyneLogo() for later removal (#3296)
  • Improve look of menu shortcuts (#2722)
  • iOS and macOS packages now default to using “XCWildcard” provisioning profile
  • Improving performance of lookup for theme data
  • Improved application startup time

There are also more than 25 other fixes in that improve stability and performance. Let us know what you think and how we can improve further :).

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